Spotlight Ceremonies


Spotlight Ceremonies


  • Celebrant led weddings are very personal. I spend a lot of time getting to know you through emails/phone calls, meetings and my fabulous questionnaire. Your ceremony script is COMPLETELY unique to you – YOU are special and unique, and my script will celebrate this.
  • With a celebrant-led, you can also have your ceremony literally anywhere, included unlicensed venues. This gives you freedom, but may also be cheaper as you not need a licensed venue.
  • You may have attended weddings where the ceremony is just something ‘to get through’ before the party starts. You may also be at that age where you’ve been to lots of weddings and they’re all kinda… similar. These two factors are BIG reasons why you might choose something a bit different.

You will have a personalised wedding ceremony, an exchange of promises, and exchange of rings (if that’s what you want!), and any other standard or non-standard bits you want, but it’s not a legal marriage.

When I got married, we went to the town hall and signed the certificates (basically, we paid 50 quid and did the legal bit!), and then had a truly wonderful and personal celebrant-led wedding ceremony in front of all our friends and family (the important bit!). It was so wonderful and memorable I decided to become a celebrant.

An odd question, but people want to know! I wear something wedding-appropriate. I check with you if there’s anything to avoid (I don’t want to unwittingly promote myself to chief bridesmaid!) and plan accordingly.

Guys, it’s your wedding – you provide the costume and I’ll rock it!

Absolutely. It’s so important that your wedding reflects your values. I will work with you to see how we can blend important aspects of your faith into the wedding. It can be a lovely opportunity to get family and friends involved in the ceremony.

Abso-bloomin-lutely! Love is love, and I want to be a part of reflecting that in your ceremony. 

Yes! In fact, I recommend it. It’s so important that you choose the right person for your ceremony, an in person or virtual chat is an important part of the process.

I live on the Hertfordshire / Essex border, but I will travel ANYWHERE! I often do weddings in Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, but I happy driving up the A1(M) to the beautiful north, or down the M11 and round the M25 to the sunny south.

Oh yes, and yes again! I have done weddings in stately homes, grannies’ back gardens, pubs, indoors, outdoors… if you and your partner want to get married there, we’ll make it work!