Spotlight Ceremonies


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Spotlight Ceremonies

“Was it Sarah’s or Chloe’s wedding where the…? Or both?
Or was it David’s? I can’t place it.”

Sound familiar?

What makes your wedding unique and special?


So why have a ceremony that follows a standard script, that includes elements that make you yawn, or worse still, make you cringe?!

Recommended by top suppliers, invited back for a second season of Married at First Sight, and with reviews that make me unbelievably proud of my work, I am an experienced and trusted Celebrant. So let me work with you to create a ceremony and celebration that is perfect for you. You will feel (hopefully!) that you have had a wedding that reflects your values, creates the atmosphere you want, and perfectly marks the start of your marriage (and have a cracking party of course)!

“Is she telling the truth?” I hear you ask! Read some testimonials and have a nose through some photos here.

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